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Horikawa – Space Commander

If you like rare toys then this is for sure one to add to your collection.
Its a medallion robot but with an astronaut’s face and its hoovers around with mystery bump and go action instead of walking 🙂

This robot is the hardest to find Horikawa Robots at this moment. I only had it one time before in my collection but than it was unboxed. This all tinmade robot / astronaut was found in Italy last year where it spent most of its life in its original box. I really doubt if this robot was much been played with.

In action the robot hovers around with mystery bump and go action. The doors open and reveal the guns.. really awesome litho panels on the inside… This robot is totally different in all ways compared to all the other attacking martian horikawa robots you have ever seen.

The condition of the robot is excellent to near mint and the robot works fine and strong, NO flaws to mention on the robot. The box is very good to excellent and shows some overall wear and tears and some repairs as shown in the pictures.

An extremely rare and scarce combination that you dont see to often in the open market.. in fact.. its missing in most collections 🙂

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