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Horikawa – Machine Robot

This robot was made in several variations all based on this popular platform. Made in Japan by SH Horikawa in the mid sixties. This Machine robot ( aka : turn signal Robot ) is not showing up too often in the market anymore. Hard to find robot these days

In action the robot walks with swinging arms, light in its chest and head and moving shoulder antennas.  Ow and did i mention the colorful spinning gears in its chest ! ? 🙂

The condition of the robot is excellent.. only thing to mention is a small crack at the left side in the chestplate. Its not even visible in the pictures but its there so i have to mention it. the on/off switch is a professional replacement by the way. Further the robot only shows minor wear and works and walks like a charm.
clean battery compartment.. very nice example of this hard to find robot.
The box is original. condition is very good but the box shows some tears and some old tape repairs. overall still a very nice box for this robot.

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