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Horikawa – Attacking Martian Red Fly Eyes.

Well, you dont have to be an expert to notice immediately the red fly eyes and big robot head.  This Attacking Martian variation was probably made for the Japanese Market but it comes in an english written box so.. the mystery remains 😉

ONE thing is for sure…. an absolute rare and ultra scarce Martian variation that is seldom seen in the open market.  I found this robot in 2014 overhere in Holland in a big collection where it was stored away on an full attic along with many other robots and spacetoys.

The condition of this rare robot is excellent to near mint, NO flaws to mention other than some minor playwear.  The robot is made out of lithographed tin and plastic parts. In action the robot walks forward with shooting guns that pop in and out. The robot works fine and strong with all the actions and takes 2 C-Cell Batteries.

The box is original and in excellent to near mint condition as well.

A scarce and rare variation. !!

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