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Hong Kong TAT – Space Dog

This seldom seen space dog was made in the early seventies in Hong Kong by a company called: TAT.
Of course the dog is a knock off of the Tomy Space dogs but… they did a good job in creating this dog by TAT.

This spacedog is made out of durable plastic, the dog is battery operated, takes 2 C-Cells that go at the bottom.

There is nothing missing there, the batteries stay in place by clamps so there is NO battery cover or anything like that missing.

The dog has several fuctions that can be controlled by the red dish on the dogs head, forward, bump and go etc.
The condition is excellent, all original and complete. The dog is fully functional but the internal bulb seems to be dead and needs replacement. I will leave that to the new owner

There is some minor discoloring in the plastic as you can expect with these white plastic made hongkong toys.
Overall condition is really nice, good chrome parts and working, complete and never been messed with before.
Seldom seen in the open market, rare and scarce space dog !

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