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Hong Kong – MoonShip.

This Moonship was part of a big collection I located in Italy some years ago. I bought most of the tin toys then but left the plastic ones behind.. why.. you can simply not buy everything you see. wish I could 🙂

I was therefore surprised that all the plastic robots and spacetoys were still there years later and I got in to contact with the seller again and bought a big part of the remaining plastic robot and spacetoy collection.  Now plastic does not sound to exiting but there are really some extreme nice rare and scarce toys made in plastic that should not to be missed out.

This Moonship is such an example…. plastic toys were in fact not made to last very long and that makes them even more scarce these day… This Plastic amazing space ship, called MOONSHIP was made in the early seventies in Hong Kong by an unknown manufacturer.
The toy is powered by a friction engine and comes with siren sound.  The condition of the rocket is near mint and it still works fine and strong, no flaws to mention on this one. Even better is that it still has the original box. The box has some tears, mainly to the side panels as these were used to open up the box to get the rocket out.  Overall condition of the box is still excellent, some small old tape repairs is all to mention.

The toy itself is already very difficult to find in any condition.. in this condition its extremely hard to find in working, pristine and boxed condition !
You will probably not see one again for the next years to come …

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