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Grandpa`s Robot Works – Roboter 700 Serial 6 / 10.

This robot was one of the first attempts to make a copy of the Legendary Robot 700.  This robot was created in a time where 3D printing was not really common and most of the robots parts are manually made and produced, even the metal parts.
The robot is battery operated and has pinwalking action. not really like the original roboter because that one has a clockwork mechanism and has wheels under its feet instead of pins.  The body is mainly made out of plastic and a sort of plexiglass, painted later in the process.
The remote takes 2 batteries to get the robot to walk. You can clearly see there has been put a lot of time, effort and love in this project. amazing how it was made and build by hand completely.

Funny detail is that the size is not correct compared to the original robot. The measurements were given in height for the complete robot without the antenna. Grandpa however used the total height for the robot including the antenna.  10 of these were ever made. this is number 6 of 10.

A very nice attempt to make a copy of Roboter 700.

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