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China Virtue Industrie Co. Ltd – Robot V1 Radio Control

This robot is unique and special for several reasons, let me explain. First its made in the late seventies which is quite old for a plastic high quality Chinese Robot.. Yes you read well: China !
We all know that China of course produces masses of Robots but NOT in the late seventies !, that domain still belonged to Taiwan, Japan and HongKong… China hopped in later, much later to this robot industrie.

Than, there is a Manufacturers name known for this robot ! China Robots are always made in China, that’s it, no more information.. This one is made by Virtue Industrie Co. Ltd.

But there is more… when you got a robot from China in Hand…its mostly a miracle it survives even when you look at it. China was and is simply not known for the best quality plastic robot…

How different is this robot… It weights 1.4 KG !!  and thats WITHOUT the batteries installed. The robot is HEAVY and I have NO idea what they all put inside and made it from. The plastic is sturdy, strong, durable and feels like tin. Really a high quality made robot, something you simply dont expect from a china robot from the late seventies.  My friend Xris told me that the robot was made short after the first Star wars Movies and inspired on that Movie. Unlicensed and he told me there is a first version also based on 3CPO. That means that this MUST be the Chinese version of R2D2 🙂

The robot is all original and complete with the original Remote control. in played with condition. as you can see there were batteries left inside and that did effect the contacts a bit. you need to clean these first and then I am pretty confident that the robot will work. No guarantees here, i did not test the robot. I found it in this condition and left it like this. The corrosion to the contacts is not that bad at all. The remote is spotless. comes in the original box in very good to excellent condition.

This is the very first time I ever have seen this robot. it never crossed my path before and I was not able to find any documentation or pictures of it on the web as well.

an impressive big and heavy robot, rare and scarce robot !

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