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China – Helicopter ME-632

We all know that the Japanese made stunning space toys in the golden age and that the influence of China was minimal…. BUT there are of course always exceptions as this stunning Helicopter proves. Made In China, probably by the Beijing Toy Factory in the early 1960 (not sure about the exact date). This is one of the more desirable space toys that does not have its origin in Japan but China.

This complex space toy called: “Helicopter”  had a lot of nice actions, it comes with stop and go, spinning propellors, opening hatches, lights and space noise… wow and that all packed in TIN, not in plastic 😉

The survival rate of this very rare and scarce space toy is extremely low because of its fragile structure. Its becoming even more scarce in its original box, but guess what you are looking at now… The Litho is real artwork and is never shown on chinese space toys, they really did their best those days to make a beautifully detailed space toy with great actions and they succeeded 100 %

The condition of this toy is excellent to near mint. Perfectly working, all original and complete. Comes complete with both propellors and original box. I bet you havent seen this space toy before and this will be probably your only change to own this great piece of Chinese History of spacetoys.

Very Rare and extremely scarce in this excellent to near mint condition with original box.

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