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Bandai – Space Patrol Car

This cute car, build by Bandai in the mid 1960`s ( still investing the exact year ) seems to be one of the few cars that were really build as a space car. Most so called space cars were just regular cars that were transferred to space toys by adding a robot, rockets and so on.
This grey battery operated Bandai Space Car, ( build in Japan ) is equipped with 2 astronauts that both have a steering wheel ( wow must be handy when one of them wants to go left while the other one steers to the right 🙂 ) It looks like both astronauts don’t have their drivers licence because they bump their car into every obstacle that crosses their path 🙂 !

The car has 2 small guns, a HUGE antenna, a lighted engine compartment, space noise and of course the famous mystery bump&go action.

The condition of this Space Patrol car is excellent with a very good to excellent box. The toy is complete with original antenna ( missing a very small piece ) and in perfect working condition. Clean battery compartment. The toy shows some normal playwear but really survived its playing years very well.

Accompanied by its original box which shows some tears and a tiny spot of paper loss at the frontpanel. Plz refer to the pictures for this.

Overall an excellent toy and very good to excellent box, all original and complete toy in perfect working condition.

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