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Tomy – Space Robo

Space Robo first showed up in the “Bachman” Catalog in 1969 so dating back this robot is pretty easy.  This scarce and hard to find robot simply never shows up in the open market so my best guess is that you never saw the robot before :). Its made in Japan by Tomy.
Made out of durable plastic with 6 programmable actions with the dial on top of the robots head. This was pretty unique for a robot in this timeframe.
I found the robot in Belgium where it was part of a small collection.

The condition of this robot is excellent, works fine and strong and is complete and original. A small part of the original box comes with the robot ( I forgot to picture it 🙂

I have seen a couple of other variations of this robot, in green, blue and grey. This should be the most rare one in this series and the hardest to find.

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