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Estrela – Auto Lunar.

Auto Lunar made by Estrela in Brazil. In all my years of collecting this was the only boxed one that ever crossed my path… A fantastic knock off of the Yonezawa Mercury X-1 and i think its even better than the original one… just my thoughts…

Found this one on ebay i believe. I could not believe my eyes when I saw this variation of the Mercury X-1.. i had NO idea it was ever made as an AUTO Lunar ! 🙂

Never seen it in any auction or on ebay again so not that much of these are floating around anymore. the condition is excellent+ and the saucer works fine and strong. The antenna is a 3D printed professional made reproduction. The saucer works fine and strong, no flaws to mention. The box ( awesome artwork ! ) is original and very good to excellent condition. there are some tears and some wear throughout as you can see in the pictures.

It was stored away for many years and i found it again unboxing some toys that i packed away many years ago. Discovered again in the New Dutch Caves ! 🙂 how cool

Extremely rare and hard to find flying saucer !

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