Project omschrijving

VST – Rocket Robot Ranger ( VST – 1007 )

Whoopssss and Suddenly I dont like the original ones anymore, They dont look complete 🙂 !!!
Proud to present a project that I have been working on for many weeks: Daiya – Rocket Robot Ranger. Made in Japan AND in the Netherlands by Daiya and VST 🙂 The robot is called: Daiya – Rocket Robot Ranger and is the seventh unique project ( VST 1007 )
Again this unique robot is build out of only original robot and spacetoy parts. Take a good look and you will see some parts that you have seen before.

I added an action to the robot, lighted ears. In action the robot walks forward with flashing ears, kaleidoscope effect in his head, and smoke puffing out of his mouth. The antenna is adjustable. The condition of this robot is really excellent. The donor Ranger was in very good and original shape and so were the parts. Bringing it together gives the robot a total new but in my opinion a complete view. When you compare this Rocket Ranger to the original ranger you will see what I mean 🙂

I am working on artwork for this robot at this moment and the robot will be accompanied by an ORIGINAL and UNIQUE Box !
VST 1007 will be the first piece of Robot Art that will be completed by an original special made box for this robot. As soon as the artwork is ready I will add it to this website. At this moment this robot is for DISPLAY ONLY !
If you are interested in this robot than contact me on: