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Straco – Radio Controlled Space Warrior.

When the production shifted from Japan towards HongKong, Taiwan and Korea the same platforms were still used to make robots and from time to time special features were added to existing platforms.

This Space Warrior was made in Korea by Straco exclusive for F.J Strauss Co. Inc. and that is a name we have seen before in robotland.

I guess the robot was made somewhere in the mid or late seventies. The robot is special. not because it shares the body with a well known Horikawa robot but because its Radio Controlled… The robot takes 2 C-cells and a 9 volt battery block and so does the remote.
This allows the robot to be controlled wireless with flashing laser eyes, lighted screen with alien spaceships and, as the box tells us: ” You Control Your Space Warrior tm Robot in any direction to battle the evil forces in the far off darkness of space”    ( Maybe in a galaxy, far far away 😉

Further the robot moves at your command and can turn 360 degrees…. Warranty Enclosed…

Well, not really the extras you would expect when you see the robot at first glance… looks like an ordinary horikawa robot but there is MUCH more….

Besides this robot is a rare and scarce variation, its in pristine condition and looks never been played with. The antenna on the robots head is COOL and have a real function as well now.

The condition of the robot, controller and warranty is near mint, no flaws to mention and the robot works like a charm.
The box is not stunning but is original and complete with some tears and small internal tape repairs to prevent the tears from tearing further.

An absolute rare and scarce robot, not often seen. in fact it’s the first one I see with this Korean box…

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