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Sankei – Space Patrol.

It does not happen THAT much that these kind of rare and scarce toys are found overhere in the Netherlands. To my surprise I was offered the toy by a friend here in Holland this time. No idea where he found it but… it came here directly with the dutch post a day later 🙂

I had to buy this one because it never hit my shelves in all those years. I had the blue battery operated version a couple of times but this red friction one.. nopes never.
Its made out of lithographed tin and friction powered. The friction was not working because of a worn out gear. Now.. these toys seems to have all their type of own gears so the spare bin did not bring me any luck.  For this problem I had to think out of the box and I was able to fit a replacement part on the shaft of the worn out part.. took me hours and its a new technique I never used before but.. it worked fine ! 🙂 what i did ( I forgot to make pics ) is to remove the worn out part on the shaft of the gear. I looked and felt like a dentist doing this 🙂 when the “rotten part ” was “cut” and polished away, I had the perfect base to install a new 8 teeth gear on the shaft. ( these gears are nylon, super strong and i use them for example for attacking martian robot to replace the broken gears there. ) These type of 8 teeth gears are used in many toys by the way. Now I had to use this gear to create a complete one in a total different way but it turned out fine 🙂 Perfect working friction mechanism again inside the Sankei Space Patrol 🙂

Because the toy was also missing the antenna, I made a complete new one, partly 3D printed and partly metal and airbrushed overall.  Turned out way better than expected and I decided to make them as spare parts as well.

So.. what i ended up with finally is and excellent to near mint Space Patrol with full working friction and space sound and rotating antenna. There is no box but i also learned that nobody has ever seen the box for this toy ever so I doubt if it was ever made with a box.. perhaps this was a version that came in a bag or so.. who will tell, time will learn us that for sure

Extremely rare and scarce spacetoy !
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