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Modern Toys – Space Surveyor X-12

This ultra rare and scarce flying saucer was one of the late saucers modern toys produced in the bowlshaped saucer series. Space Surveyor X-12 is together with the satellite X-11 the hardest to find.

I found this saucer in Italy and it was to say at least.. quite untouched for many years.. dirty from the in and outside so i took it apart to clean it totally.
Good news was that the toy was never opened up before. so cleaning and soldering back a loose wire did the job.

Space Surveyor X-12 is a fantastic flying saucer, besides the awesome blue color, the saucer shows weightlessness ( that is what the box says :). A revolving cabine shows the astronauts inside the saucer in a weightlessness position, with flashing lights and mystery bump and go action. a very attractive saucer to see in action with stunning lithography inside.

The condition of this saucer is very good to excellent with normal play wear throughout the toy and some minor spots and dings as shown in the pictures.. The saucer is complete, all original and in perfect working condition. Overall a very very nice example of this very hard to find toy. The box is original, excellent to near mint and has the bottom insert.

Rare and scarce flying saucer !

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