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Linemar – Mechanical Robot ( Easelback Robot )

This tinmade and very nice lithographed little robot was made in the late fifties in Japan by Linemar Toys. The robots official name is Mechanical Robot but the robot is better known as Easelback Robot.   The “Easelback” name was given to the robot because of the support that the robot carries at his back.  The story is circling around that when the robot was finished, it was not one of the best walking robots, in fact it tended to fall over and that is why the Japanese ” technicians ” added a support at the back to prevent the robot from falling. Not sure if this is also the real story about the robots name but its a nice story for sure 🙂

Several variations of this robot are known, also battery operated versions by the way. This one is clockwork powered ( windup ) The condition is near mint, no flaws to mention on this one and only the fact that the robot has been played with a bit, is keeping it from higher mint grading. I have never seen such a nice example of this easelback robot.  No upgrade needed on this one !

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