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Horikawa – Fighting Space Man

I found a picture of a book ( Eaton`s Canada Christmas Catalog 1968. I this catalog Horikawa`s Fighting Space Man was offered for $ 3.98 usd 🙂  i wished I ordered 100 of them…… Build in Japan by the famous Horikawa factory comes this terrific Robot: Fighting Space Man. Its well know that horikawa build most of its robots with a robot and a human face so that children would have them both and let them battle 🙂 Fighting space man walks great and has of course the famous shooting cycle: walking, shooting with red gun light and ratata sound, and a spinning / flashing headlight.

The condition of this robot is unplayed with near mint to mint, all original and complete and in full working order. The robot is spotless and looks like it just left the factory. Comes in original near mint to mint box with ALL the original inserts. Trust me, you can not find a nicer example than this one. Impossible to ever upgrade.
Of course the robot came with a story and mine is kinda weird.  I bought the robot in Canada and the seller did good job on packing the robot. The dutch postoffice however screwed up ( in fact customs did ) and labelled the robot with a wrong address. The box ended up in Rijswijk, that is about 100 km from where i live and thank god, the guy who received the box, was so kind to contact me and sent me the robot… pfff. no harm was done to the robot and the box and its here now save and sound in the Dutch Caves 🙂

An absolute hard to find robot, extremely rare and scarce in this condition. no upgrade needed on this one !

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