Project omschrijving

VST – Mr Ethereum aka ETH Bot

well first of all this robot has nothing to do with Crypto..let that be clear hahaha ! I made this robot back in 2018 or so. not sure about the exact date anymore. Moving around some stuff in the Dutch Caves revealed this bot again as it was packed away.. i even let the batteries in.. ( so stupid i know ) but.. no harm was done. !

The robot is a hybrid with tin and plastic. The body is completely see tru and the internals are spinning gears, all work and all move.. very nice to see this one in action. The custom and handpainted arms move and the robot has a light that blinks on his head. Of course he moves around with mystery bump and go action.

I have a second body lying around and will make a second one.. so this is limited edition number 1 of 2 🙂
Made in Holland. in the Dutch Caves…

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