Project omschrijving

MGH Korea – Astronaut Robot.

Of course this design was taken from the Japanese Horikawa examples.. just as with more robots made in Korea. This example was made by MGH in Korea and is called Astronaut Robot…. this way you can not be mistaken.. astronaut or robot.. whatever.. 🙂

But.. make no mistake here.. this is a rare and scarce example that is missing in most collections. Only a few Korean robots are known to exist. I searched the web and was only able to find a “golden: MGH Astronaut in the alphadrome database. this color variation was and is new to me.

The robot survived the years very well and is in excellent condition,  still in its original box. the robot works fine and strong with walking action, rotating with shooting guns and lighted eyes. Takes 2 C-Cells in the back of the robot. The box is good but shows a lot of wear as shown in the pictures but.. its the original box for this robot ! -)

Absolutely rare and scarce robot. first time i have seen this variation in the past 20 years of collecting.

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