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VST – Roboter Emil 3D Printed   Yellow Variation

Roboter Emil is probably the most rare and scarce robot in my collection… why ! ?  At this moment, still ONE example of this Western German made robot is known to exist !

The robot comes with a long and interesting story, you can read all about it here:         ROBOTER EMIL

A couple of weeks ago, I was in Italy on vacation and when you have other things around you than robots, you only can think about them and i had the time to think about a next project… I decided to bring Roboter Emil back to life and the current 3D scanning and 3D printing technology that I am using since 2015 would be the perfect mix to give my lonely Roboter Emil some new friends 🙂

Roboter Emil was made in 1968 by Goebel Western Germany in 3 different colors, blue, yellow and red. There were 2 variations: a smaller static Roboter Emil AND.. a windup version with pinwalking action.. a real robot, this one ! 🙂

These battery operated and pinwalking 3D printed and handpainted Roboters Emil are exact copies of the original robot. All the parts are precise 3D scans and printed in high resolution. The original Roboter Emil comes with a german made tiny clockwork windup mechanism that is simply to hard to remake. There are no other toys that use this kind of mechanism so I had to think of an other solution.

I choose to make the roboter battery operated. with this, I could give it exactly the same function as the original roboter emil: Pinwalking action.

This 3D Printed Roboter Emil runs on a single AAA Battery that is located in the head of the robot. The battery can be replaced by unscrewing the 12 screws, opening the robot and replace the battery.

The windup key at the left side of the robot functions as an ON / OFF switch. I had to make a custom solution for this so that the key could be turned and trigger the internal switch without breaking the internal mechanism.  The key also shows the serial number of the Roboter Emil.

The painting of the face and colors are done by hand and the clock is a copy of the original clock of my original emil.
Of course I wanted to have a smashing box for Roboter Emil. I talked about this with my artwork designer and we decided that the box should be in the cartoon style, just like the early comics cartoons of Roboter Emil in the late sixties.

Roboter Emil will be made in a limited run in 3 colors, just like the original robots were made in the late sixties.
10 in blue, 10 in red and 10 in yellow. All with their own custom made box that is professionally printed in a pressing room, just like the boxes were made in the golden age of toy making.

Price: 249 USD + shipping

If you want to order or have any additional questions, feel free to contact me on:

Marco  ( VST : VintageSpaceToys )