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Ohsato – Shopping Robot RX-888

This Robot has its own house 🙂 Take a good look at the box and you can see what I mean. There is more… This robot has also his own shopping basket AND has its own fruit 🙂 Yes you are looking at the “well known”  Ohsato RX-888 Shopping Robot 🙂 Made in Japan in the early 1970`s only for the Japanese Market. There is also a blue variation called RX-777. Looks like a boy and girl robot because the other one is in blue and this one in pink.

Dont make any mistake here… this is a very rare robot that you will probably not see very soon again. It only showed up once in the Mr Mint auction but never saw it anywhere else. You will never see this one in the open market. The condition is excellent to near mint and the robot and accessoires are mint. The robot is powered by a remote control. RX-888 Robot comes in ” her 🙂 ” original “house”  that has all the inserts, and even the original batteries are there. They are empty of course but I left them in the box, they don’t seem to leak so its great to have the robots really complete WITH the empty batteries 🙂

The plastic made robot, remote and basket are mint, never played with. The box shows shelf wear but is perfect and complete, no tears or whatever. A very rare robot made for the Japanese market in the early 1970`s I have no information about the manufacturer but  I can be mistaken but I see a lot of Horikawa influences…

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