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Nomura – Mechanized Robby Robot Silver Restored version.

Well, let me explain first of all that this robot had a complete overhaul many years ago and its done professionally !,  This one has been restored in 2001 and is on display ever since.
Now an original silver one would cost at least ! 10 K or more in this condition but.. the problem is.. to find one as only a handful silver robby robots survived.
Long story very short: when production was started the japanese found out that the robot should be black instead of silver and it had something to do with the rights as well so for this reason only a few were ever made in silver both with C – Cell and D- Cell.

The one i had many years ago was an original one and that one had burgondy red arms. this one has the normal red arms and for this reason I think the robot was black originally. but the work done on the robot is WOW !  it really looks like an original silver one and because the repaint is already 20 years old and the robot was dragged around it absolute look like an original silver one.

Normally I would never list a repainted robot but this one is so very well done that i could not resist… a fantastic addition to any collection and at a more affordable price than an original silver one…

In perfect working order by the way !

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