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Modern Toys / VST – Space Pilots Batman & Robin Flying Saucer.

When i started collecting about 20 years ago, my main focus were flying saucers, not robots or any other toys… Now 20 years later I still like them and even better.. I like to make special variation with socalled ” spare parts ” or ” left overs “.

This creation brings us back to corona time where I was not able to go out for toys. I was offered a small collection, mostly common toys but one drew my attention.. a small incomplete flying saucer… and… i have had most saucers in hand over the past 20 years.. this one i had never seen before.

Space Pilots, made by Modern Toys is perhaps one of the most scarce saucers and yes. i found one BUT… not complete.. the dome, ring and astronauts ( there are 2 needed to fly this one ! 🙂 all were missing.. only the dish, fins and guns were present.

I spent some time searhing the web for a good picture but only alphadrome could give some info.. and even there the toy is shown not even complete.. missing dome and guns.. so yes.. this one is absolutely a scarce toy, even incomplete…

I hang the saucer on my wall with the other saucers and one day i knew in a split second hot to complete it again.. well not with the original pilots. something better.. Batman and Robin !! I had these 2 original figures lying around and with some simple changes I could add them to the saucer. I added a dome and even was able to create a perfect ring to fit the dome to the saucer.. perfect combination and allthoug the saucer is not complete anymore.. i think its even better than it was originally…

The modifications can be fully reversed in case I or you will find the original drivers and dome for this toy.. not a big change.. but you never know..

So.. made in Japan.. converted in the Dutch Caves.. Modern Toys – Batman & Robin Space Pilots…..

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