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Mego – Lunar Spaceman

well, of course this robot is made in Hongkong in the late seventies but that is not the most interesting part of this robot.
The robot was made exclusively for Mego Corp in the british colony of Hong Kong and THAT is special for sure…

If you take a quick look at the box AND the robot you will immediately understand what i mean.  The robot is different than the ones we have seen from hongkong and so is the box… fantastic artwork on the box for this lunar spaceman…absolute rare and scarce combination and i never saw this box and robot before in all my collecting years.

The condition of the robot is very good to excellent. The robot is in played with condition and of course… because its all plastic hongkong, he does not work anymore… The robot needs some new plastic gears but I would leave the robot in its current state.. its in fantastic played with condition, tells a story.

The box is in excellent condition as well. Rare box and scarce for sure…The are some tears, protected from the inside by some clear taping.

Overall a very nice example of this Mego Lunar Spaceman.. made in the the british colony of HongKong..
rare robot and box !!

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