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Jung Poong – Super Space Commander

And just when you think you have seen everything you find this robot that puts everything upside down again. Here we go again :)……

At first sight its just a normal day with just a normal robot… Super Space Commmander… boring… or not ! ? 🙂
Take a LOOK at this robot and you instantly know what I try to say: ITS REMOTE CONTROLLED !

Have you ever seen this robot with a remote control, not me ! until now 🙂 Super Space Commander is a copy of the famous Horikawa Robots. A Korean firm called Jung Poong was responsible for this copy but they did more, they changed the robot and made it radio/ remote controlled.

The action is great, the remote makes the robot walk, turn and you can control the movie, the eyes light up, robot sound… wow, an old school robot with a lot of new gizmo`s.. Cool.

Even better is the robots condition. It appears to be not much played with and is 100 % complete, original AND its in full working order. No flaws to mention, original box in excellent condition as well. Robot is near mint. Made in Korea in the early seventies. I never, really never saw this robot before anywhere. not in the open market, not in auction.

Ultra rare and scarce robot. You will not see this one soon again, promise !

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