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Ites – Kozmicky Vozidlo

Made in Czechoslovakia… woahhh I can not get used to this word 🙂
THIS is really an example of toplevel toy making from the sixties. If you ever are looking for a rare space toy in mint condition well then here you are. This space toy called Kozmicke Vozidlo was made in 1965 in Czechoslovakia. I can date the toy exactly because the date is stamped on the back of the box on a production sticker 🙂 I found the toy in Czechoslovakia a couple of weeks ago, in fact i found 2 of these 🙂 This is the last one left. The spaceship, saucer, or..what the hell is this thing 🙂 is made out of lithographed tin, a plastic dome and wooden astronauts, wow !!!  You can see the total different view on the space theme from these countries those days. The toy almost looks totally handmade and you can see there has been put a LOT of work and effort in this toy. The details are awesome and it can compete with the best tinmade toys from Japan.

Then there is the box… I was surprised to find the toy WITH the box. Nobody did ever see the box before. look at the artwork, really really great and it really completes the toy. Hate it or like the toy… the box is awesome and the artwork is seldom seen.

The condition of this toy is near mint and unplayed with. Only thing to mention is a crack in white base at the front. It takes a 4.5 volt flat battery. I bought one and tried the toy…. works perfect, unbelievable 🙂 The BIG antenna is also the ON and OFF switch. When you take it out, you can remove the dome and play with the wooden astronauts…. In action the toy moves around with mystery bump and go action and light under the round dome in the front of the toy. The antenna spins.

The box is also original and in near mint. All complete and original.

A very rare space toy, I never saw it before and neither did most of my fellow collectors. complete with the orignal box this is one of the most rare space toys I ever had in my collection…

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