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Horikawa – Attacking Martian Medallion Version

This rare version of Horikawa`s famous Attacking Martian was made in Japan in 1964. Not only the robot is special because its the very hard to find medallion robot but also the box is a Japanese market box that is not often seen with this robot. A rare and scarce combination for sure.

Attacking Martian was made in 4 variations, silver, brown, gold and this brown one with lithographed panels instead of the green lenses.
Made out of tin with walking action, opening doors and shooting lighted guns. A classic robot that is a must have for every robot collector.

The condition of the robot is excellent. the robot shows minor wear and is really an above average example of this hard to find robot. Clean battery compartment, no flaws to mention and the robot works fine and strong. The robot is accompanied by a rare Japanese scarce box with beautiful artwork and Japanese text.  The condition of the box is excellent with some wear and a tear as shown in the pictures.

Horikawa`s Medallion Robot is a hard to find robot and is scarce with this particular box.  a very cool combination.

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