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VST – DO IT YOURSELF ( DIY) Roboter 703-D

Now that the first 6 roboters 703-D has been build and shipped I invested a lot of work on the section about the building of the Roboter.
I had some requests before if it would be possible to build this roboter 703-D by yourself and that got me thinking again.

I never made a DIY kit of any robot and to do so, gave me again an extra week of work to figure this out. I came up with a solution that made it possible to build this robot by yourself. Not only cool to have this robot on your shelves but even cooler to build it by yourself so here we go 🙂

Today I collected and finished all the parts and documentation for this DIY Roboter 703-D The time it takes me to build this robot is about a week but having that said, I do a lot of other things in between when building so I think if you focus It can be done in 2-3 days if you fully work on the robot 🙂

John Rigg will be the first one who will build up this DIY kit of Roboter 703-D ( Serial: 7/50) , very cool John, can not wait to see the progress 🙂
He also found some Bi-Metal bulbs that could fit into the roboters head so the electronics could be skipped ! 🙂 John had some old flashlights lying around that he used for previous projects and inside is a 3 volt bimetal bulb that, we think, could be the correct ones. I have to look now if I can find more of these old flashlights, will be a hard job I guess but who knows…who knows.. IF I can find more of these, the future kits and roboters can be equipped with them, but… more about this later of course. The final result will be exactly the same: BLINKING EYES 😉 ! YEah….

I made a 4 pages long instruction/building manual with about all the details you need to know, how to drill, cut, adjust etc etc..
A sort of step by step manual, the steps that I have to go through when I build up this robot.  In the pictures you see ALL the parts you need to build up this roboter by yourself, all that is included in the kit, the manual and the parts.

The DIY Kits will follow the line of the limited numbering of this project. There will ONLY be 50 Roboters made, in completed OR in DIY kit.
Total will be 50 limited Roboters. The robot in your DIY kit will have the first available number in the series.

The price for this DIY Kit is: 675 USD + 39 USD for shipping
The box is additional and is priced at: 250 USD ( the box is ONLY available with the DIY KIT and will not be sold seperatly )

To order this DIY Roboter 703-D you can contact me on
Also I will be there for any additional information and (building) questions.

Let the Building begin !! 🙂