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Horikawa – Mr. Zerox

Mr, Zerox with 5 Big Action :)…. ok here we go with the 5 big action:

1. Guns withdraw, chest closes, walks again
2. Realistic Noise and Firing action
3. Twin Guns open rapid fire
4. Stops and Chest opens
5. Walks with arms Swinging

This text comes straight from the original box and this is what makes this robot so great besides he is good looking of course ūüôā This is one of my favorite boxes by the way, great to see how much is misspelled translated from Japanese to English.¬† Mr (comma) Zerox…

There is more than just a great box, and that is the robot itself. I found it here in Holland, it was stored away on an attic for most of its life along with other junk. the previous owner had the robot as a kid but did not played much with it, resulting in a great robot today.

The robot is in excellent to¬†near mint condition.¬†They don’t show up too often in this condition with the original box. The robot is flawless and works perfectly with¬†ALL¬†the actions mentioned here above.¬†The box is original and also in excellent¬†condition.

This is the golden feet variation by the way, one of the more rare variations.

Very hard to find robot in this condition with the original box.

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