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Yonezawa – Moon Rocket X-12 

When i started collecting many years ago, Yonezawa`s Moon Rocket had always a special attraction to me… the shape, the action and the mystery look of this rocket had always something special for me…Years later I found out that not only a blue rocket was made but i found an other metallic blue and i was really surprised… It was a different variation and not called XM-12 but X-12…. i bought the rocket and its on my shelves since then….

Some years passed by and I was offered again a Yonezawa Moon Rocket, this time from Italy and it was called also X-12 but this time it had again a different color: Silver Grey !!  It was boxed but it was priced way over 10 K and i could not afford it at that moment and had to let it go…

Again some years went by and last year i came into contact with a guy from Italy who mailed me if i was interested in a Yonezawa Moon Rocket… I told him to sent me some pictures and YES.. Bingo… A Silver / Grey one !!   Yahooooo 🙂  I decided NOT to let go the rocket again and bought it… Yesterday it arrived after a long time ( guess it went to Mars or so again to refuel ) but it was all worth the wait….

The rockets condition is excellent and its in full working order. The light in the cockpit work fine, rocket rolls forward with high clicking sound ( yes there is really a mechanism inside that produces a beep ! ) Not sure if other color variations have this. but this one for sure.  The engine lights up and spins. The back part of the rocket ( the exhaust ) is a loose part that often got lost.. and that is also the case with this rocket. I made this part as a diy kit some years ago already in full working order but than 3D printed. This time i could complete a rare and scarce toy again with parts i made by myself ! 🙂 ( also the nose is a reproduction by the way )
if you dont know its a 3D printed reproduction you would probably not even have noticed it ! 🙂
Further there is a crack to mention in de dome of the cockpit as you can clearly see in the pictures.. Further a played with rocket in absolute nice excellent condition and in full working order.

Again, this rocket in SILVER is extremely rare and scarce and this is the third one i see in over 15 years of collecting. can not even remember i have seen it in auction..

Extremely Rare and Scarce variation of which only a handful are known to exist…

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