Project omschrijving

VST – Big Max 2.0

When Martijn created this robot about a year ago it disappeared of course in the Waterloo Caves to rest there in peace and never return to the real world. The combination of this robot is simply brilliant and I can not remember I have seen ever before a fusion of 2 totally different robots into a complete new one: BIG MAX 2.0 🙂

After more than 50 years Martijn finally thought enough work was done by Big Max and decided to give him feet to conquer the planet. The result is stunning, a robot that looks like it was supposed to be build like this.. no more no less.

Big Max 2.0 is able to walk now by its own, the combination is fantastic and the robot really works and is able to walk, a new plastic robot is born ! Well done mate !! I am proud to have such friends working in my workshop !

Big Max 2.0 is made out of plastic with a clockwork mechanism. in action he WALKS ! 🙂
The condition is excellent and the robot is custom made. Only 5 of these will be build over the next years to keep this one absolutely exclusive !

This is number 2 of 5.
Numbered and marked by the master himself !

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