//VST – 3D Printed Helmet for Horikawa (SH) Busy Cart Robot.
VST – 3D Printed Helmet for Horikawa (SH) Busy Cart Robot. 2018-10-25T10:08:15+00:00

Project Description

VST – 3D Printed Helmet for Horikawa (SH) Busy Cart Robot.

High Quality 3D Printed Replacement Helmet for Horikawa ( SH ) Busy Cart Robot Japan.  Made in High Quality PLA Plastic and 3D printed on Ultimaker 3.
This Helmet fits all the Busy Cart Robots that were made by Horikawa / Japan. Inside the Helmet is the structure that connects the helmet to the connection part of the head.  Make sure you still have the tinmade connection on the head of the robot. To attach the helmet to your robots head you need to take apart the head to connect the helmet from the inside.

The helmet is an exact high resolution 3D scan of an original helmet so it has the exact size and dimensions as the original helmet. 3D Printed in the highest resolution possible ! If you want this helmet can also be 3D printed in a different color like red, blue or whatever basic color you prefer. If you want to have this helmet in a different color than make sure to let me know.
Pictured, you see an original helmet with a missing piece to compare and an original busy cart robot head / robot. The original broken helmet and the robot and robot head are NOT part of the sale and are only for reference.  You will receive one complete 3D printed helmet for your horikawa busy cart robot.

Because of the size I can not ship this helmet for free as it will not fit into an envelope.
It will be shipped in a small box without tracking information to save shipping costs.

Price: 25 USD + 14 USD for shipping worldwide

39 USD including shipping worldwide

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