Project Description

VST – 3D printed Flexible Tracks for IDEAL – Zeroids

While these toys are so well build that they can survive for over 60 years, these toys have one flaw and that are the rubber tracks.
These are often missing or broken because the rubber dried out over the years.
I decided to make new tracks for my IDEAL – ZEROIDS because when I wanted to dust them after some years on my shelves, they all seem to have the common problem and that is broken tracks.. they simply dried out and broken when I touched them. These tracks are 3D printed in high resolution with flexible PLA plastic. This new type of flexible PLA plastic is difficult to print but I figured out a way to make some perfect tracks with it.  The tracks are drawn in 3D cad and printed in high resolution with flexible PLA plastic.

You will receive 2 complete 3D Printed Flexible Tracks for your IDEAL – Zeriod Robot.  There are several different Zeroids Made over the years but these tracks will fit all the versions ! Adding them to your robot will take you about 2 minutes. Simply slide them over the wheels and your robot is ready to go again. The tracks actually work so they will make your robot going again like new 🙂

Pictured is a complete set ( 2 pieces ) of 3D printed flexible tracks.  In the pictures you also see the tracks placed on one of my IDEAL Zeriod Robots. This toy is NOT part of the sale and only used for reference !      You will receive 2 complete 3D Printed Flexible tracks. Shipping is FREE worldwide ! 🙂

Price: 19 USD ( Including shipping )

I have made many more 3D Printed Parts over the years. Looking for something ? Feel free to contact me on:     and .. if I don’t have it.. perhaps I can make it for you 🙂


19 USD Including Shipping