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SY – Jumping Rocket Robot

this robot was part of a big robot collection that I found in the Netherlands, many years ago but… it just entered the dutch caves shortly. Its a complicated story but it belonged to Mr Jacobs who passed away many years ago. some of the toys were left behind and showed up recently and were brought to me by his son.

along them was this Jumping Rocket, made by SY in Japan in the early sixties. This very strange spacetoy is maybe not in the top 5 of most wanted toys but its also one you dont see to often but.. you just have to like or hate it…

Now bear with me.. a rocket that can jump with a robot sitting on it…. who ever invented this must have gotten to much Sake ! 🙂

anyway.. made out of tin with a windup mechanism. In action you wind up the rocket and place it on the floor and.. just like every rocket works.. it jumps away 😉
Maybe a good tip for Elon Musk his space program to save the planet ! 🙂 just let the rockets hop…driven by Robots…

The condition is very good with some wear and minor corrosion spots. all original and complete and works /// ehhhh HOPS like a charm 🙂

Rare toy

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