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Nomura – Mini Robotank TR-2

There are not many robots and space toys build in Japan during the fifties and sixties that take penlite batteries but this toy does. Nomura also made the big RoboTanks and I am not sure why they also produced these little ones. One this is for sure, they are cool, colorful and great to have them in your robot collection.

Like I said, these mostly tin made little robotanks take 2 penlite batteries. In action this example moves around with firing lighted guns, space and robotsound and mystery bump&go action.

made in Japan in the early seventies by Nomura. The robot is made out of lithographed tin with plastic head and some other small plastic parts. In action the robot moves around with mystery bump and go action, moving arms and lighted guns.

The condition of this robot is excellent. The box is original but shows some wear mostly at the corners. The toy shows some play wear as you can expect from an old toy robot of this age. The robot survived time very well and still works fine with all the actions.

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