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Modern Toys – Super Sonic Space Giant

This Big Flying Saucer ( thats why its called “Giant” ) was build in Japan by Masudaya (Modern Toys) in 1955. There are 2 variations know of this big saucer and this is the more scarce one of the two. The beautiful lithography is what makes this flying saucer so much searched for by collectors.

Masudaya`s Space Giant comes with non-stop mystery bump&go action, flashing lights in green and red on top of the ship. Also the tail lights are illuminated in red and green and the Giant makes a very special space noise. The Tinmade astronaut is in control of this Giant.

The overall condition of this more than 60 years old spaceship is excellent. Besides some normal play wear, what you can expect from a vintage played with old toy, the saucer is in absolute excellent very nice condition. All original and complete and in full working order with all the lights and sound.

The toy is scarce and hard to find. an impressive saucer from the golden age of toy manufacturing.. a must have for sure !

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