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Modern Toys – Space Capsule 6

Again this is an example of the creative Japanese minds. Modern Toys Space Capsule 6 is one of the harder to find spacetoys in the capsule and rocket catagory.
Build in the early 1960`s In Japan, this Capsule has some unusual actions. First it has the famous bump&go action, there is a pilot that moves his arm to control the spaceship but the most beautiful effect is for sure the great dome in front AND the spacenoise this capsule makes. I heard this noise on an other spaceship before (Space pioneer) So I assume that this capsule uses the same method to produce sound. ( a mechanical “blowingsystem” with a build in whistle and push/pull bar that produces this “up and down” spacesound. )

But there is more and there is a lot to tell about this design…The pre-Mercury period in American space history is an interesting one. This was the time in which the best and the brightest were determining exactly how to make space vehicles viable and safe for the astronauts they be carrying. The public wouldn’t get a tasted for NASA`s designs until late 1961 and early 1962, when the first Mercury capsules were put on public display. Prior to this, of course, the designs of the future were an exercise in complete subjectivity, as Capsule 6, by Masudaya, demonstrates.

This circa 1960 toy actually has more in common with the armor shell concepts first pioneered by turn of the century filmmaker
Georges Melies than the succeeding designs of NASA’s Mercury and Gemini capsules. The tin litho battery op features standard mystery action, flashing lights, and its most notable element, a visible cockpit housing a tin litho astronaut. Masudaya’s packaging for Capsule 6 is particularly striking, making good use of primary color capsule artwork rendered realistically against a stylized lunar background. A scarce toy, Capsule 6 commands serious attention from collectors today, but for its uncommon nature as well as its pre-NASA view of the future.

There are 2 versions known of this capsule. This is the most scarce version: red astronaut in a yellow interiour where the astronaut has a sort of map in his hands.

The condition of this space capsule 6 is near mint and there is only minor play wear although I doubt if this toy has ever been really played with before. absolute the best example I have ever seen.. The battery compartment is flawless, and both the dome and the screen are free of cracks.

Space capsule 6 is in perfect working condition and has never been messed with. It works perfectly with the special sound, the lights in the nose section and the astronaut that moves.

Very hard to find and absolutely scarce in this near mint original condition. No upgrade ever needed on this example !

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