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Project Description

Marumiya ChangeMan Prototype 4.

The drawings were all there but building this prototype was really a touch one as a lot of adjustments had to be made to fit the split robot head. There were a lot of parts and partly build parts of the mechanism, all in boxes together with an amazing load of original drawings, ideas and blueprints..
The robots head together with the changeman body and mechanism and arms are drawn out. I added the batman head with the lighted eyes that I found in the boxes with the parts. I could not figure out exactly what the intention was and how it would be used in this robots body but I believe it must have been something like this as the batmans head fitted exactly in the framework of the mechanism.
The batman logo was drawn on one of the spare belts i found in the parts but I had to cut it out myself.

There was a plastic bag with parts to build the “flame” mechanism so I tried and tested that for days to figure out what the idea was behind this… A flaming batman logo was the result, awesome ! action, never saw this before used in any robot. Further I added some pictures of the original drawings for this prototype. It shows the drawing of the robots head, the arms, bottom foot, and the internal mechanism. In action this robot walks forward with normally illuminated Batman belt. When the transformation starts, the Illuminated belt changes into a burning and flaming yellow batman logo and batman shows up with illuminated eyes while the robots head splits open.

The head closes again and the robot walks further. The condition of this prototype is near mint. All original parts were used to build up this prototype according to the drawings i found. There are about 3 or 4 other sample robots of Changeman that I will try to build up later this year. All the parts are there but I have to sort out the drawings to find out exactly what the intention was of the prototype robots.

This is an unique example, only one has been build up. The robot works fine and strong and will come with a copy of the drawings as shown in the pictures.

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