//Marumiya – ChangeMan Prototype 2
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Project Description

Marumiya – ChangeMan Prototype 2.

This sample robot / prototype is called: Marumiya – Change Explorer Robot. How he got the name is simple… i gave it to him The robot was an unbuild project i found with the changeman parts. parts of the robot were build up but most was loose thrown in a box as parts and it took me a couple of weeks to find out what the intention was for this project.. Hardest part was to rebuild the mechanism ( it was a small box with gears so I had to take a changeman apart to figure out how it must be build ) and I had absolutely NO idea how Mr. Miyazawa planned to attach the head to the mechanism…took me some time to think the Japanese way and figure it out.

The result however is absolutely breathtaking… Why o Why was this robot never taken into production… should have been a BIG hit in the early seventies !!!.. This robot is unique, only handmade parts for this prototype were made.
The robot works with walking action, Opening robot head, Astronaut comes out and Kaleidoscope action, takes 2 D-Cell batteries instead of the C-Cells on the regular Changeman Robots ( he has a battery pack on his back but is remote controlled) the eyes are lighted in the robots head and there is a kaleidoscope in the chest with extra colors added. The astronauts head is partly handpainted.

Besides this project I found some other unfinished Changeman Projects as well. There are even some drawings from the mechanism and the head function.

This ChangeMan Explorer Robot is an unique project and is a one of a kind example / prototype.

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