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Japan – Astroboy Helicopter.

Well it does happen more often that i have a toy without a box.
when I have never seen the box it becomes more rare…when NOBODY has ever seen the box it even “worse”…
Trying to find out the exact name of this toy will be a touch one without the box but when I ALSO am not able to find the maker of this toy along with all the other collector I know over the past 20 years..Well yes.. than we can say.. we have an ultra rare and scarce toy here…

Now I am aware that when this toy goes viral on my website there will be HOPEFULLY a collector that i dont know.. that contacts me and says.. Ow that is this and that toy but.. lets hope that happens. 🙂

So what is there i can tell.. Got this one from a friend from who i can say he has really seen it ALL ! ( and he also did not know the manufacturer of this toy )
Bought it last year in Corona time just because I liked the toy a lot. Its tinmade with a plastic astroboy behind the steering wheel.
propellors looks to be the original ones as the colors of the litho exactly match the toy but… as i have no reference its only based on my expertise ! 😉

Windup mechanism works fine and make the prop spin and makes the heli goes forward.
Absolute stunning toy.. excellent to near mint condition but.. like stated here above .. thats about I can tell so far on this mysterious Astroboy Helicopter.

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