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Horikawa – Ranger Robot.

I remember i had this robot before.. just when i started collecting and I thought it was just a common robot that you would always be able to find.. but… i sold it and never saw it again until an Italian friend of mine showed the robot to me and asked me if I was interested buying it….Of course I bought it.. the robot was not working anymore but only 4 screws keep the robot together.. a broken plastic gear had to be replaced… easy job to bring this robot back to life..

However putting it back together is a different story ! 🙂 you have to line up the mechanism, legs, arms and ears .. oh and also the wires all together to close the robot again.. looked simple but took me more time than expected ! 🙂
But.. the result is a perfect and strong working robot again with all the actions … VERY powerful gunsection with red light and walking action..
Fantastic robot that fits perfectly along with the its other SH friends on the shelves…

Condition of the robot is near mint with an excellent box with some minor wear as shown in the pictures. Made in Japan by SH ( Horikawa )

Difficult to find robot.. in fantastic red color !

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