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H.T. Nomura for Rosko – Pioneer 3-Stage Rocket

1959 is the year this toy appeared for the first time in the ads. As i had never seen this toy before i had to do some research. The box says H.T. with a logo and ” A Kreamer Toy” Never heard of either of these before. I found out its made by Nomura for Rosko in Japan.

The rocket is tin spring loaded placed on a launch pad  The white rocket has red and blue fins. It consists of three sections, the last being a rubber tipped dart made out of wood. The rocket sits on a spring loaded base alongside a blue tinplate gantry. When the button is pressed there is a “countdown” delay before the rocket is launched. Of course this all takes place at Cape Canaveral. ! 😉

I can be short about the toys condition.. excellent+ to near mint. All original and complete and fully operational with original near mint box  !

An absolute rarity… one i never saw before !

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