1303, 2019

Frankonia Golden Gear Robot

maart 13th, 2019|Availability: Algemeen|

Hard to upgrade example of Horikawa’s Golden Gear Robot with Original box ! check it out !!

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803, 2019

My baby shot me down…..

maart 8th, 2019|Availability: Algemeen|

Has been a while since this robot entered the dutch caves… one with quite some and serious work to it … read all about it here…..


503, 2019

NON STOP Looking……

maart 5th, 2019|Availability: Algemeen|

Non stop looking and love for the hobby is all what this robot can do… and…much more.. Hard to beat, impossible to ever upgrade… minty robot, original box and ditto inserts.. check it out…


2702, 2019

Robot Kun

februari 27th, 2019|Availability: Algemeen|

Robot Kun is a rare remote controlled robot with fantastic Japanese box… check it out !!…..

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2202, 2019

YS21 Rocket Railway

februari 22nd, 2019|Availability: Algemeen|

Just take the time to inspect the artwork on the box…… Check it out further here…

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2102, 2019

Fantastic Lavender walked in the Dutch Caves !

februari 21st, 2019|Availability: Algemeen|

I have had quite some of these but not much in this condition. one of the best examples i had in years ! check it out !

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2102, 2019

2 Yonezawa Toys added today !

februari 21st, 2019|Availability: Algemeen|

Today I added 2 fantastic toys.. a moon explorer and a space explorer… With these you will be ready to conquer the galaxy for sure ! πŸ™‚ check them out . !

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1902, 2019

To the Moon

februari 19th, 2019|Availability: Algemeen|

well, with the newly added MoonShip it should not be a problem πŸ™‚ …check it out !…


1402, 2019

Super Sonic From Nomura !

februari 14th, 2019|Availability: Algemeen|

Or AHI… well, Nomura made the toy under the AHI brand πŸ™‚ … what remains is a super sonic rare tank… BOXED ! :)… check it out.. more to come tomorrow !

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402, 2019

Space Frog…

februari 4th, 2019|Availability: Algemeen|

One of the most rare AND scarce robots in the scene !Β  Dynamic Toys – Space Frog… check it out !

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3101, 2019

A prototype made in the Dutch Caves ! πŸ™‚

januari 31st, 2019|Availability: Algemeen|

I made this prototype last year in 2018. more info can be found here but… take a look, its a cool dude ! ;)…..with golden hair.. could be a Lannister ! πŸ™‚ heheheΒ 



2901, 2019

Spaceman and Astronaut added today !

januari 29th, 2019|Availability: Algemeen|

Today I added a VST – 3D printed replacement astronaut for Linemar Space Platform and.. a very nice Hong Kong Spaceman with original box !
Check it out…

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2801, 2019

Tik, Tak, Tik Tak…..

januari 28th, 2019|Availability: Algemeen|

Time from Russia…check it out !

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2301, 2019

Fantastic example of Nomura`s Tulip Head Robot arrived at the Dutch Caves ! πŸ™‚

januari 23rd, 2019|Availability: Algemeen|

It has been a while but finally I could lay my hands again on a very nice Tuliphead Robot.Β  Still one of the best robots around !Β  Check it out here


2201, 2019

Unique Zaborger Project

januari 22nd, 2019|Availability: Algemeen|

For all who love these Japanese Character robots… I made a special series attacking rotate o`matic zaborger robots. These will come in several color variations like, black, purple, red, orange, green, gold, silver and blue.
I will only make 5 of each color !

I present the first crazy color: PURPLE ! πŸ™‚Β  only 5 available !
Check it out here…


1101, 2019

Hey.. Its Mike here ! :-)….

januari 11th, 2019|Availability: Algemeen|

It has been a while since an original Mike entered the Dutch Caves ! πŸ™‚ One of the best Japanese Tin Toy Robots ever made !…check it out !Β 

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201, 2019

Mego Gigantor and Rare Space Survey added to start 2019 πŸ™‚

januari 2nd, 2019|Availability: Algemeen|

I started to add 2 nice toys to start 2019 in good order πŸ™‚ Check it out !


2712, 2018

Atomic Power !!!

december 27th, 2018|Availability: Algemeen|

I added a fantastic example of Yonezawa`s Atomic Robot today !.. Check this near mint one out..


1412, 2018

From Russia with Fantasy !

december 14th, 2018|Availability: Algemeen|

One of the best lithographed toys from Russia`s Golden Age…Take some time to take a good look at the fantastic litho !


1412, 2018

These Keep on amazing me !… What a fantastic piece of TOY πŸ™‚

december 14th, 2018|Availability: Algemeen|

It has been a while since a complete boxed one found its way to the caves.. but it becomes even better..Near mint, untouched, and perfectly working boxed RED variation !Β  check it out !

enter here !

1212, 2018

Fantastic Near Mint example of Mechanized Robby Robot !

december 12th, 2018|Availability: Algemeen|

I have seen many of these over the years but this one belongs to the top 3 of best looking Robby Robots πŸ˜‰ . check it out…

enter here !

2611, 2018

Bottom Detection for Moon surfaces.

november 26th, 2018|Availability: Algemeen|

Until today I never realized the following: who ever came up with the idea for a toy that can detect a surface on the moon … really a fantastic idea ! AND a fantastic toy !
Check it out !