101, 2020


januari 1st, 2020|Categorieën: Algemeen|

May the toys be with you ! I wish you all a fantastic 2020 with a lot of new amazing robots and spacetoys and.. all of course in good health ! HAPPY NEW YEAR !
and… in my first search for 2020.. look what i found…. The “Radar Master Robot ” ( read.. my “logo” ) Redone by Toyota for the 2020 olympics 🙂 .  cool or what.. it will be a fantastic year !


1912, 2019

New Toys added… just before chrismas :).. Flying Jeep, X-Ray Gun and Argentina Lunar Car… check them all out !

december 19th, 2019|Categorieën: Algemeen|

New toys added today… just before Christmas ! 🙂 . Flying Jeep, X-Ray Gun and a Gorgo Explorador Lunar Car… check them all out, more to come !

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310, 2019

And.. there is more.. what to think of this Scarce Porthole Robot !

oktober 3rd, 2019|Categorieën: Algemeen|

Its the hardest to find tin astronaut… the box is… a professional reproduction but still a nice addition.. what a beauty !.. Check it out.

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310, 2019

Buzz…. ( Nopes, not Lightyear ) but Buzzerrr…….

oktober 3rd, 2019|Categorieën: Algemeen|

This robot has been in my collection for quite some time. There is good, good and bad news… to start with the last… there is some serious corrosion as you can see in the pictures… good is that the robot comes with the exceedingly rare and scarce original box AND.. its in full working order !  Check it out…

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