101, 2020


januari 1st, 2020|Categorieën: Algemeen|

May the toys be with you ! I wish you all a fantastic 2020 with a lot of new amazing robots and spacetoys and.. all of course in good health ! HAPPY NEW YEAR !
and… in my first search for 2020.. look what i found…. The “Radar Master Robot ” ( read.. my “logo” ) Redone by Toyota for the 2020 olympics 🙂 .  cool or what.. it will be a fantastic year !


1912, 2019

New Toys added… just before chrismas :).. Flying Jeep, X-Ray Gun and Argentina Lunar Car… check them all out !

december 19th, 2019|Categorieën: Algemeen|

New toys added today… just before Christmas ! 🙂 . Flying Jeep, X-Ray Gun and a Gorgo Explorador Lunar Car… check them all out, more to come !

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