1604, 2021


april 16th, 2021|Categorieën: Algemeen|

All cleaned up in the new caves.. all set .. went through the complete website to set al what is sold on .. sold ! 😉
Ready to move on now… Found a very nice early chinese flying boat with sought after box.. in near mint condition.. check it out !

More toys to come soon !!!

204, 2021

Dust settles down in the New Dutch Caves

april 2nd, 2021|Categorieën: Algemeen|

Well.. all set here in the New Dutch Caves.. was quite a job but all found a new place.. and.. I am able to find all my stuff again. lot of “forgotten” toys surfaced when moving stuff around.

I will start the new “batch” with a smashing flying saucer from Estrela Brasil with original box.. check it out !

enter here

1311, 2020

Rare Cars.. Vehicles and Stations to check out…

november 13th, 2020|Categorieën: Algemeen|

Today I have added several new toys for you to check out…a rare yoshiya space patrol.. X-9 car and a blue space station..
Quite sure you will love these as much as i do..:)

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