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 - Turn Over Space Explorer
Gamma - Turn Over Space Explorer
I had never seen this spacetoy before and I doubt if I will ever find it again... Made in Japan by G...More
 - New Space Explorer
Horikawa - New Space Explorer
This type of robot shares it body with the famous Mr Hustler ( yes the one that can extract his arms...More
 - Smoking Flying Saucer
Yoshiya - Smoking Flying Saucer
Cragstan (Yoshiya/KO) Smoking Saucer 1960`s, Made in Japan. It was manufactured by Yoshiya (KO)...More
 - Mr. Planet with original box
Yonezawa - Mr. Planet with original box
The first see thru robot I ever owned was one that was made in HongKong. Later I found out that one ...More
 - Lighted Space Vehicle
Modern Toys - Lighted Space Vehicle
Masudaya - Modern Toys Lighted Space Vehicle build in Japan in 1964 is a very attractive spacetoy. T...More
 - Swinging Baby Robot
Yone - Swinging Baby Robot
As far as I know, Yone did not make much robots and when they tried to create one they ended up with...More
 - Batmobile 2 speed friction
Alps - Batmobile 2 speed friction
Build in Japan in 1966 by Alps (Shoij Co.) this Batmobile is a unique piece of history. Not only its...More
 - Space Tank with Spinning Ball Cockpit
Yonezawa - Space Tank with Spinning Ball Cockpit
This small friction powered space tank was build in the early 1960`s in Japan ( 1961 to be exact ) f...More
 - Space Lab M-50
Modern Toys - Space Lab M-50
Modern Toys - Space Lab M-50 1973 As one of the later build saucers by Masudaya ( Modern Toys ...More
 - Apollo Saturn 2 Stage Moon Rocket
Nomura - Apollo Saturn 2 Stage Moon Rocket
There are not so many battery operated rockets made in the golden age but this one is for sure one t...More
 - Super Robot
Noguchi - Super Robot
My collection has grown a lot during the past 2 years and still I focus on battery operated robots a...More
 - Thunder Robot Prototype
Asakusa - Thunder Robot Prototype
Asakusa - Thunder Robot Protype / first test run. Asakusa was a small Japanese Manufacturer that ...More
 - Batmobile
ASC - Batmobile
Batman was for sure a great inspiration to the Japanese Toybuilders. This beautifully Tin Batmobile ...More
 - Magic Color Moon Express
Unknown - Magic Color Moon Express
This odd spacetoy was build in the mid 1970`s in Taiwan ( the box says Taiwa without an N by the way...More
 - X-5 Spaceship flying Saucer
Modern Toys - X-5 Spaceship flying Saucer
Modern Toys X-5 Spaceship of the late 1970`s ( I believe its 1978). As a late, maybe one of the late...More
 - Interplanetary Rocket
Yonezawa - Interplanetary Rocket
As one of the more searched for rockets from the sixties, this Interplanetary Rocket build by Yoneza...More
 - New Sky Robot
Horikawa - New Sky Robot
There are 3 robots that I am aware of that share the same body, engine robot, new sky robot and a si...More
 - Rotor Robot
Cragstan - Rotor Robot
Not every great robot comes from Japan and this Rotor Robot is a very good example of early HongKong...More
 - Super Sonic Space Rocket
Yoshiya - Super Sonic Space Rocket
I considered myself very lucky when I found this new / mint example of Yoshiya`s Super Sonic Space R...More
 - Space Ship X-8
Modern Toys - Space Ship X-8
Masudaya`s Space Ship X-8 is a very strange and rare variation on the more common flying saucers lik...More
 - Delta 55 Lunar Explorer
Yonezawa - Delta 55 Lunar Explorer
I am sure if there is somebody living on the moon they must have laughed a lot when they saw this lu...More
 - Attacking Martian Astronaut Version
Horikawa - Attacking Martian Astronaut Version
"The mother of all robots" This is the best way to describe this Japanese made robot by Ho...More
 - Nave Colombia
Juguentes - EGE - Nave Colombia
At the end of the 1970`s the spacetoys from Japan and China were mostly made out of plastic for cost...More
 - Robottank -Z with Japanese Speech mechanism
Nomura - Robottank -Z with Japanese Speech mechanism
This awesome Robot Tank, made by Nomura in the mid 1960`s in Japan was build in 3 versions: R-1, Z a...More
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