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 - Lunar Spaceman GOLD version
Hong Kong - Lunar Spaceman GOLD version
Last Year I met a collector in Waterloo ( Belgium ) who simply has it all.... all variations, a...More
 - Super Astronaut Prototype
Horikawa - Super Astronaut Prototype
Well... what can I tell about this robot. I found it in Italy last year and bought it because it had...More
 - Space Commando
Nomura - Space Commando
This great robot, or is it better to say... Astronaut :) was made in the mid fifties, 1956 to be exa...More
 - Piston Action Engine Robot
Horikawa - Piston Action Engine Robot
I believe this was my first vintage robot I ever laid my hands on in my entire life. I bought it on ...More
 - Magnar The Magnatrol Robot
Gakken - Magnar The Magnatrol Robot
My Robot friend Martijn showed me this robot about a year agoo. He was excited about this robot and ...More
 - Super Rocket
Daiya - Super Rocket
Digging through an entire house filled up with old antiques somethimes brings rare finds. This Rocke...More
 - Radicon Robot Box
Modern Toys - Radicon Robot Box
"Dad"  ( my 7 year old son ) " can i use that old box to play with ?, I want to ...More
 - Fighting Robot
Horikawa - Fighting Robot
As we all know these type of robots were produced in large numbers and that had a reason... These ro...More
 - SP-1 Robot Car
Usagiya - SP-1 Robot Car
I gave up after weeks of looking for some info about the little rabbit that marks this spacetoy.(&nb...More
 - Space Station Red Version
Horikawa - Space Station Red Version
Just imagine: You are 8 years old, sitting in front of a christmastree and Santa has brought you som...More
 - Space Dog Remote Control
Yoshiya - Space Dog Remote Control
I never realized that a complete set of Space Dogs could have given me so much fun...but the WOW fac...More
 - Robot
Cragstan - Robot
This little wind-up robot is a combination of plastic and tin parts. Its powered by a clockwork...More
 - Mechanic Robot
Yonezawa - Mechanic Robot
This robot was always one of my favorites but I was not able to find a mint example untill last mont...More
 - Space Explorer (BLUE version)
Ichiko - Space Explorer (BLUE version)
Japanese flying saucer made in Japan by Ichiko. Space Explorer is a "turning around the light&q...More
 - Sparky Robot
Yoshiya - Sparky Robot
Sparky Robots are very popular in any condition. There are about 4-5 variations made, this one, in g...More
 - Smoking Spaceman
Linemar - Smoking Spaceman
Although these robots sold pretty well in their time, they prove that smoking is n...More
 - Space ship X-7 Flying Saucer
Modern Toys - Space ship X-7 Flying Saucer
In the early 1970`s Masudaya (Modern Toys,Japan) still produced spacetoys and flying saucers. This e...More
 - Robo Tank RT-8
Nomura - Robo Tank RT-8
There are not many robots and spacetoys build in Japan during the fifties and sixties that take penl...More
 - Space Patrol 2019
Yonezawa - Space Patrol 2019
Here is where it all started for vintagespacetoys: Yonezawa Space Patrol 2019 flying saucer. This f...More
 - Radar Scope Space Scout
Horikawa - Radar Scope Space Scout
This Rader Scope Scout was made in Japan in the Mid 1960`s by Horikwa. Build in 2 versions, one for ...More
 - Mars King
Horikawa - Mars King
This great looking robot is a very hard to find one and is therefore missing in many collections. It...More
 - Mars Explorer
Rocket USA - Mars Explorer
Produced as a very very late spacetoy in the USA (not Japan) is this Mars Explorer by Rocket USA. It...More
 - Space Sight Seeing Bus
Modern Toys - Space Sight Seeing Bus
Please have a look at the shape of this bus, isn`t it great :) then take a look again at the litho a...More
 - Space Capsule Electronics
Gakken - Space Capsule Electronics
In my never ending search for spactoys and robots I found this electronic box and was surprised to f...More
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