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1912, 2017

VST – Saturn V Rocket Part 6.

december 19th, 2017|Categories: Algemeen|

with all the parts printed for the first stage, the fun begins and that is building up the Saturn.
I started with the base on which the engines will be mounted ( later ) and from where the body parts are built up.
First advice if you ever want to build this Saturn is NOT to mount the engines to the base bottom platform. its not handy when you build up the parts with the engines already mounted, they can only break in the building process..

In the pics you see the first part of stage 1 with the smaller fuel tank installed.

More to come..

1812, 2017

VST – Saturn V Rocket Update 5.

december 18th, 2017|Categories: Algemeen|

Now the dust of the new website has settled a bit, its time for an update on the Saturn V project… For those who have missed it…
I am trying to build a Saturn V Rocket, fully 3D printed on a scale of 1 / 60 !  That means a height over 2 metres. not even included the tower ! 🙂

I will add updates of this monster project as much as possible and it can also be found on my facebook group.


1012, 2017

Small Pictures !!

december 10th, 2017|Categories: NEW|

I noticed that the size of the pictures is still small, they should be much bigger so you can actually see the toys and the details.
working on that and it will be fixed asap… Ill keep you posted….

912, 2017

Welcome to the new Website !!

december 9th, 2017|Categories: NEW|

Well, its finally there… the new website is a fact. I added and will add a lot of new robots and space toys again.
I have to do some final checks this weekend to see if everything works fine and than we are ready to go, ready for 2018 and beyond…:-)  So…. Stay Tuned ! 🙂

I added a new prototype of Changeman.. last one with robot head ( there were 2 in total )
I have seen that the pictures of the items are all small in size, I will try to correct this as soon as possible so that you can see BIG pictures of the toys available..


3110, 2017

New website is coming!

oktober 31st, 2017|Categories: Algemeen|

The New website is almost there. In a few days from now it will go live and I hope to receive all your comments about it.
look and feel will stay the same but the system will be totally new.

so… in order to keep things going I will add the last item to the old website…. Change Man Prototype 5. check it out !
you will also find it on the new website of course… see you there ! 🙂