Nomura - Space Police Patrol

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Of course there was police patrol in outerspace to make sure aliens got their speedtickets....Build in Japan in 1962 by Nomura, this spacetoy had something for every kid. It combined a car, astronaut, and raygun into a fantastic package. Space Police Patrol by Nomura is a great spacetoy with mystery bump&go action, stunning lithographic details and cool actions.

When placed on the floor, police patrol mystery action around and the police destroyes everything on its patih with the big attached raygun thats sweeps from left to right, wih ra-ta-ta sound and flashing lights.

Nomura Space Police Patrol comes in its original box with fantastic artwork. The car itself has only very minor playwear and is in near mint condition. All funktions work as they did more than 45 years agoo. There is no rust, no dings and the batterycompartment is clean. The litho is clear and shiny.

Not often seen in original box. A rare and very hard to find spacetoy.