VST - Christmas Ornaments Set 2017

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VST - Christmas Ornaments set 2017

I have to be honest with these christmas ornaments.... they still cost me way to much time to make them. Not only I 3D print then in high resolution.. why, because I dont go for less, and yes, the handpainting still takes to much time but... I can not resist making them.. these are so cool to and because I have them digitally.. the MUST be made as ornaments as well..

I started last year already with a small run of susie robette... this year, 2017, its time to make a complete set of 3 special edition ornaments.

For 2017 i made a special set that contains, susie robette, big loo's head and tremendous mike.

All scaled back to approx. 11-12 CM, all printed in high resolution and finished with handmade details and painting.

These ornaments are 100 % highly detailed copies of the original robots.  you will NOT find these highly detailed reproductions anywhere else !
Specially made by VST in a limited run of 500 pieces each ! 

Of course these can be ordered seperatly at 39 USD a piece.
as a set these are sold at 99 USD + 39 USD for shipping...

Every ornament is limited to 500 pieces !

Price is 99 USD + shipping

Susie robette seperatly: 39 USD + shipping
Big Loo`s Head: 39 USD + shipping
Tremendous Mike: 39 USD + shipping

Merry Christmas !

Marco     boogo.nl@gmail.com