EGE - Scooter Espacial Space Scooter

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EGE - Scooter Espacial ( Space Scooter )

This space scooter was made in Spain in the late sixties. Ege ( Juguentes ) was responsible for this socalled Knock Off.  

Now this toy was made in several variations but this green example is the rare and scarce version, made in Spain by EGE.

Made of lithographed tin with some plastic details. Battery opererated with mystery bump and go action, light and steering action of the boy in control of the scooter.

The condition is excellent with a ditto box. Only flaw to mention on this one is that its currently not working. Opening these toys is tricky so I decided to leave the toy in not working condition as i dont want to take the risk to damage it any further. Repair is for the new owner to decide.

Overall condition is really excellent, very nice with bright colors. NO missing or broken parts. Complete with the seldom seen original box in excellent condition as well. Complete with one original insert.

Rare and scarce spanish version, seldom seen around in green !

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