Mihashi - Space Tank X-17

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Mahishi - Space Tank X-17

When i found a small collection of robots and spacetoys in Milano in 2014, I almost overlooked this Space Tank in the Lot. Its a small spacetoy, made by Mahishi in Japan, probably in the early sixties. Even later I realized this one was perhaps the most interesting toy of the lot I bought there :-)

What is to tell about this Space Tank... well, not that much is known about it so much remains a mystery.  The Tank is marked with an M that would point it in the directory of Mahishi but not really sure about that. The Space Tank is made out of lithographed tin and has a friction mechanism with sparks. There is a small antenna and an eagle placed on the back of the toy.  

I did some research but no info other than this, can be found about this Space Tank X-17. 

The condition is good, original and complete but the litho has some serious damage as shown in the pictures. Futher than this the toy is original and complete and even the mechanism is still working. The flint needs replacement but i dont want to open up this toy for that..

Absolute rare and scarce spacetoy that I never have seen before. No further information or details are known about this rare Space Tank X-17

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